Devil's Waltz by Jonathan Kellerman

I'm currently reading Devil's Waltz by Jonathan Kellerman.
Not too shabby. Not too shabby. I'm certainly not going to put it down until I'm done.

*I love the name Alex Delaware. I think it's creative, but not silly sounding.

*The character isn't annoying in the least, and seems very neutral. He doesn't have too much energy that can sometimes seem disenchanted/naive.

*I realize that this is (I think) number seven in the series? I enjoy seeing allusions to other books in the series. I love stuff like that. But, yeah, unfortunately, I started at #7. So all of the nostalgia is lost on me. No ones fault but mine.

*The quirks of some of the characters, like Chip Jones, are seeming a little forced to me. So is the interaction between the characters and the baby. Cute, but a little forced.

*Also, love the association with the way the characters look and their names. A plump nurse named Vicki Bottomley? And Dr. Kornblart, a short on tact cardiologist with a handlebar mustache? (I wont lie. I thought of Slartibartfast from Hitchhiker's Guide.) Ashmore? A tight knit family who all have named starting with C?

There are some things that are bugging me a little, but I hope they work themselves out in the end.

I also have notes on my Goodreads page:


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