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On opening this blog, I thought back to when I was younger. I was at an age when things were starting to become a little stressful. I knew I was growing up. I knew I would have to start dealing with things that, in retrospect, shouldn’t have freaked me out as much. Certain things like popularity, peer pressure, body issues, boyfriends, sexuality, etc. All these things that are an integral part of our lives, but should never overshadow the really important things, like an education, like your self-worth.

Anyway, the point is, the first thing I thought when I opened this blog was how big of a nerd I was in elementary school (in middle and high school as well) and how, as I initially started feeling that peer pressure push to conform, I once day wrote in my journal, “If I could do anything at all, I would stop dealing with all this and just read. All day.”

Yes, all day. I would do nothing else.

Obviously, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t escape from real life for the rest of my life. It sounds tempting. But I have a long list of things I want to do. And getting published has become one of them (two others, if you're curious, are 1) Getting into a good art university, and 2) Learning Italian). My love of books from a young age has given me this insatiable desire to finish a rough draft, to query it, to attempt to get it published, and then to see where I go from there.

I decided to post this today because I recently hit the 50% mark in writing my MS. I'm half way done the rough draft. And today, I hit 47,300k. So I'm getting there. I don't necessarily feel confident yet, but I know I will the closer I get to 90,000k.

I'm starting to worry about agents and how to query and all that terrifying, amazing, exhilarating stuff. I'm looking forward to it.

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23. New Jersey. I am a Fine Arts student currently working on her first suspense novel. I'm on my way to finishing the first rough draft.

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